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Demand Analysis

Based on your actual situation and development goals, we will provide you with reasonable suggestions and evaluate feasible solutions.

Team Building

Build overseas work teams for you, as well as remote assistance, cross-border meetings, virtual offices and other services.

Brand Building

Create brand and brand development, shape localized brand image, and specify development planning and implementation.


Going overseas

// Specializing in the establishment of branches in North America and brand internationalization. //

QT Media

is a company that assists you with multi-level promotion and management of branding and brand development.

Headquartered in Texas
Located in the central city of the United States, it covers business development across the United States, serving local brands and overseas brands.
Retail and catering industry
Long-term service to the retail and catering chain industries, integrating resources to build local brands and increase brand value.
Building a North American Direct Selling Solution
Provide companies or factories with a North American direct sales model, localized product packaging, remote warehousing, promotion and management. Warehouse construction, warehousing sharing, sales and after-sales service management.
// Minimum investment, lowest risk, maximum return //

Common industry distribution

Restaurant chains and retail
Wholesale and retail
Software internationalization