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Shape the soul of the enterprise

Logo design, supporting facility design, website design, corporate base color design, various promotional materials design, various logo designs, and intellectual property protection and other comprehensive services.

Physical store planning

Internet image planning

Brand introduction and implementation

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Physical store design and construction

According to the brand's needs, our professional commercial real estate brokerage team will provide you with site selection planning services, our architectural design team will customize the building plan for you, and our construction team will realize the design plan for you.

Commercial real estate construction

Store construction and decoration

Procurement and implementation of various equipment

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Brand videos to scene play

Welcome to the era of short videos. In the environment of high-speed Internet and fast pace of life, short videos and video sales have become new growth points in global marketing. We customize exclusive videos for your brand and products to build a multimedia brand image.

Plot setting

On-site shooting and post-editing

Multimedia promotion

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Create a global sales environment

Together with our group sub-project Redbird Cloud, we provide you with diversified sales channels from platform construction to customized development, from logistics warehousing to retail customer service.

E-commerce website development

APP development and platform hosting

Physical warehousing and cargo management

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One-stop service for brand packaging

Brand design, brand culture, graphic design, decoration design, website design, program customization, video design, video shooting, video placement, photography, branch establishment, international chain creation, international brand building, chain franchise promotion, brand management, store expansion wait.